Lecturer in Technology Enhanced Learning @OfficialUoM. Co-founder of @1minuteCPD blog.


  • Elaine Clark

    Elaine Clark



    A biological science blog aiming to increase awareness of the careers and science which underpin medicine. — Chelsea Johnston

  • Vincenzo Longhi

    Vincenzo Longhi

  • Victoria Garlick

    Victoria Garlick

    Collection Strategies @UoMLibrary. Working towards a positive future during an uncertain present.

  • sond Ghal

    sond Ghal

  • Fran Hooley

    Fran Hooley

  • Keith Greiveldinger

    Keith Greiveldinger

    Highly Engaging and award-winning Inspiration Evangelist. Be inspired at www.TheWinitMinute.com. Started “The Win it Minute” to inspire others.

  • Olivia Gregory

    Olivia Gregory

    BSc Neuroscience Student at the University of Manchester.

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